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that they are working in harmony.

Client Portfolio

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"John has a way of getting presidents and CEOs to focus on their objectives effectively. He has also been extremely resourceful in resolving interstate disputes, thus relieving my office of the need to seek additional third party assistance." T.S., President, T.D.S. Information Systems

"Mr. Russell has proved himself to be a worthwhile investment, and my partners and I appreciate his vast network of international contacts and resources. He is also keenly insightful as to what is workable versus what is not." A. Vurmuth, C.Z/AM Partnerships

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"John is an excellent motivator. He can identify the enthusiasm behind a project and help his clients harness the power behind that enthusiasm to overcome roadblocks. Most importantly, he is trustworthy and caring." D.M., President, Magnolia Restaurant & Micro-Brew

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Representative Projects

For a retail chain: recommended strategies for company reorganization, i.e. the closure of 9 of 12 outlets and the re-examination of outdated policies and objectives. Recommended the termination of both C.E.O and C.F.O who had not demonstrated effective "hands on" management skills of operations. Advised on selection of applicable replacements that were effective in embracing up-dated market and management practices.

For an interactive media venture: Conducted focus groups to introduce specific recommendations designed to improve marketability of products and services as well as to increase probability toward future investment

For an “enterprise business” with-in a non-profit organization: Created and advised on effective branding and marketing strategies to diversify company (previously dependent upon Govt. set-aside programs) into private sector markets and growth opportunities.

For a commercial real-estate and business acquisitions company: Reviewed manufacturing operation under consideration for purchase and established its "fair market value" with consideration to both relocation of plant operation(s) as well as the true cost of recruiting necessary talent to grow said operation into profitable a venture.

For an export company: reviewed existing market niche and operations and presented specific options and contacts for collaborating engagements in Central Europe

For a Czech/American partnership in Prague: provided feasibility studies and recommendations regarding the import of food related items into North American markets

For a manufacturer’s representative of portable housing: conducted market analysis as well as research on enterprise zones and opportunities in Central Europe for manufacturing and marketability purposes.

For a wood molding company and manufacture: Carried out in-depth review of company history, original business plan and objectives. Made specific recommendations to correct deficiencies in operations and to diversify company into other markets while maintaining business stability and growth of parent company.

For a cellular retail chain: Created and successfully launched public relations and promotional campaigns. Carried out store management training for all outlets. Submitted reports to senior partners with recommendations to better management performance as well as increasing market presence

For a bumper sticker manufacturer: reviewed business growth and organizational proficiencies. Established outline(s) to enhance management to employee expectations and guidelines. Introduced systems to increase organization for long-term growth.

We have consulted on a wide range of issues for a wide range of companies, large and small. Here are just a few examples of how we helped them -- and how we can help you!

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